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American Frugal Housewife (1833)

Civil Disobedience (1849) ~ Henry Thoreau's book originally titled Resistance to Civil Government

Diary of a Little Girl in Old New York (1919) ~ Day-to-day events of the 1850's

Diary of Anna Green Winslow (1894) ~ A Boston schoolgirl of 1871

Education of a Daughter (1847) ~ Emigrants' Guide to Oregon and California (1845) -- Pioneers guide for the westward traveler. (Note: this is the guide used by the Donner Party)

Good Citizenship (1907) ~ Grover Cleveland's essay

Hair Culture (1922) ~ An organized and scientific guide to hair care

Harriet Tubman (1886) ~ "Moses" of her people

Illustrated Confederate Reader ~ Extraordinary eyewitness accounts by southern soldiers and civilians

Journal of Madam [Sarah Kemble] Knight (1825) ~ Her story of a difficult journey from Boston to New York in 1804

Mary Paxson: Her Book ~ 1880's journal of a Pennsylvania girl

Minnesota Guide (1869) ~ Handbook for travelers to this state

Mother's Book (1831)

On the Art of Teaching (1840) ~ Horace Mann, author          

Ox-Team Days (1922) ~ Ezra Meeker, 1852 traveler of the Oregon Trail and founder of the Ox-Team Assn.

Personal Beauty

Prairie Traveler (1859) ~ Handbook for American pioneers

Prairie Winter (1903) ~ An Illinois girl's story

Sally Wister's Journal (1902) ~ A Quaker girl's experiences during the American Revolutionary War

Ten Nights in a Bar Room (1854) ~ And what was seen there. American temperance novel

Timeless Beauty (1858) ~ Lola Montez' tips on personal care

What's a Poor Girl to Do? ~ Prostitution in the mid-19th century

Wheel within a Wheel (1895) ~ Women's quest for freedom using the newly invented bicycle






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